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Monday, September 1, 2008
It’s not often that a new publication is launched aimed at the manufacturing community. But when an opportunity is recognized to provide useful, practical knowledge in an area where change occurs so quickly that keeping up becomes challenging, if not impossible, then a new publication is in order. That’s why MetalForming and the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) are launching Tool & Die Authority, with the tag line:

Exclusive technical information and timely news by industry experts for tool and die professionals.

Tool & Die Authority is an electronic-only publication, delivered to the e-mail inbox of paid subscribers each and every month. It will carry no advertising–only page after page, article after article of hard-core tool and die knowledge and insight. In addition, we’ll include an industry-specific job-listing service, where metalformers and tool and die shops can post their job openings.

To launch this new publication, we have lined up an impressive array of industry experts to provide a well-rounded editorial package. Note: Subscribers to Tool & Die Authority not only will receive our exclusive technical and practical knowledge and information, but also will have online access to continued dialog on the topics covered in the newsletter. Our authors will provide ongoing discussions of their newsletter columns online, using URLs created exclusively for Tool & Die Authority subscribers.

Meet our lineup of expert columnists:

• Joe Brown, creator of the blog, Will the Tool & Die Industry Ever Recover?. Joe’s column in Tool & Die Authority will deliver timely, insightful news of the tool and die industry that you won’t find anywhere else. More importantly, his commentary on the issues of the day will provide a fresh look at the industry with a unique perspective that readers will appreciate.

• Pete Ulintz, a 30-year veteran of the tool and die trade with an impressive background that includes tool and die making, tool engineering, engineering management, advance process planning and product development. Pete has been speaking at PMA seminars, roundtables and METALFORM symposiums since 1996, focusing on topics such as transfer and automation systems, tool and die design, deep-draw technology, metalforming simulation, and problem solving in the press shop. For Tool & Die Authority, Pete will discuss practical, real-life toolroom challenges related to all of the above topics, and offer solutions to overcome those challenges.

• Danny Schaeffler, president of Engineering Quality Solutions. Danny brings to Tool & Die Authority expertise in material properties of new sheet steels and other metal alloys. His column also will address the practical application of forming-limit diagrams and circle-grid analysis, and topics such as tooling buyoff and cost-reduction strategies.

• Bob Quinn, president of RCM Inc., a tool and die shop with expertise in progressive and compound dies, fourslide tooling, detail machining, surface grinding and wire-EDM, as well as CAM-system development. Bob’s monthly insights will help tool and die makers tackle the day-to-day production challenges that impact productivity and quality in the toolroom, to make sure that the presses–whether they are your presses or those of your customers–keep going down and up, stamping high-quality parts.

The tool and die industry, perhaps more than any other manufacturing discipline, continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, and keeping up with technology is a must. Tool and die designers and makers must learn not only new skills related to operating new manufacturing equipment, but also must become more knowledgeable in material properties–of sheet steels and tool steels.

This is the type of information that our electronic publication, Tool & Die Authority, will feature. To start receiving Tool & Die Authority, log on to www.metalformingmagazine.com/toolanddie.


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