Transfer-Press Feed System
Coe Press Equipment

Monday, September 1, 2008
transfer-press feed system
Coe Press Equipment, Sterling Heights, MI, will feature what it calls the next-generation direct transfer-press feed system, designed to provide multiple modes of feeding for large-bed transfer presses, bringing flexibility, efficiency and material savings. The system includes a fully integrated compact coil line that combines uncoiling, straightening and feeding into a space-saving footprint, and an oscillating shear press provides the capability to produce square- and trapezoidal-cut blanks for optimum material utilization. A multiple-station blank destacker feeds developed shaped blanks and a fully programmable servo-driven conveyor system indexes and positions blanks within the transfer press. The system features fully automated job-recipe and machine-setup controls and has 10 networked servo axes for control of uncoiling, straightening, feeding, destacking and indexing operations.


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