Coil-Payoff System
Norwalk Innovation Inc.

Monday, September 1, 2008
Coil-payoff system
Norwalk Innovation Inc., Shelton, CT, displays the Un-Coiler coil-payoff system that uncoils strip steel, wire or other coiled material and feeds it into production machinery. The latest-generation Un-Coiler features patented maintenance-free drive, clockwise/counter-clockwise uncoiling, portability and proprietary composite-material caster wheels for load support.

It feeds coiled materials automatically to meet the demand rate of the job without separate speed-control settings. The advanced design has significantly reduced the requirements for installation, adjustment and operation, according to company officials. Entire loads of coil stock may be loaded onto the unit, to 10,000 lb., reducing downtime and improving productivity over single-coil handling methods.


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