PMA on Capitol Hill

Thursday, May 1, 2008
On March 18, The Wall Street Journal published an article, Pinched by Steel and Softness, which quotes PMA President Bill Gaskin, along with Jim McGregor, chairman of the PMA Government Relations Committee and president of Morgal Machine Tool Co. The article focuses on the rising cost of steel at a time when demand is low due to slumping automotive and housing markets.

“They are concerned about sharp increases in raw-material prices and whether they will be successful in recovering added costs from their customers,” said Bill Gaskin about the potential for greater job loss in the metalforming industry. McGregor focused on the aberration from the typical supply and demand rules concerning steel. “The frustration we have is that autos are down and home starts are at a 20-year low,” said McGregor. “Where is the demand for the material to justify the price?”

PMA’s Washington, D.C.-based public relations firm, The PBN Co., has helped PMA staff and members build relationships with important media outlets, and continues to bring important issues, such as raw-material costs, to the forefront of the news.


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