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High-Strength, High-Temp. Welding Wire

Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Arcos Industries, LLC, Mount Carmel, PA, has introduced a bare wire designed for welding of high-strength cast irons.

Arcos 2216 is a 44-percent nickel alloy developed for all-position gas-metal-arc, gas-tungsten-arc and high-speed automatic gas-metal-arc welding of nodular, grey, spheroidal graphite and malleable cast irons to themselves or to other materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, low-alloy steel and various nickel alloys. Under compressive loading, the wire workhardens, making it ideal for bearing surfaces and as a cushioning layer for hardsurfacing applications.

It is used in welding automotive exhaust systems, catalytic converters and other areas that demand high strength at relatively high temperatures.

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