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MetalForming Magazine

April 2015 Issue

Volume 49, Number 4

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Cover Article

To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected
Reflecting on the value he's received from nearly 20 years as a member of the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), 2015 PMA Chairman Bill Smith strongly believes that its now time to give back. And, he encourages his peers to do so as well.



Specialty Hydraulic Press--a Flexible Fit for Leading-Edge Prototyper
by Lou Kren
Whether hot stamping, warm forming, deep drawing or general stamping, Experi-Metal's new press cell can do it all.
Versatile Laser-Cutting Machine Attracts Kitted Projects
by Brad Kuvin
A specialist in mining-equipment rehab mines new markets thanks to an armada of Amada sheetmetal-fabricating equipmentthree press brakes, a CNC turret press and a 4000-W CO2 laser-processing cell with sheet tower and a rotary-index station for tube and pipe cutting.
Navigating the New Normal
PMA's Automotive Parts Suppliers Conference, April 28-29 in Troy, MI, goes in-depth on what suppliers need to know about the current and future passenger- and commercial-vehicle sectors.
Metalforming Technology at the Core of the New F-150
by Brad Kuvin
While aluminum gets all of the press when it comes to Fords new F-150 pickup, there are many more firsts than meet the eye with this groundbreaking platform. Among them: a stamped 12-corner crush horn, a frame constructed of a startling 78-percent high-strength steel, and a cyclonic closed-loop aluminum scrap-segregation and recycling system.
Study: More Companies Considering Software-as-a-Service ERP
by Cindy Jutras
While companies have seemed willing enough to let the applications that surround and extend enterprise resource planning (ERP) reside in a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment, they were less willing to place their systems of record in a cloud that they did not specifically own or control. A 2014 study reveals a change in that thinking.
Customer is King--It's Time for an ERP Epiphany in Complex Manufacturing
by Louis Columbus
For complex manufacturers to compete, they must revolutionize their IT-manufacturing strategy to put the customer, not production alone, at the center of their operations.
A 20/20 View of the ERP Industry--Nine Trends to Watch
by Eric Kimberling
Among the things you should look for: integration of mobile computing and ERP software, and an emphasis on organizational change management to streamline implementations, and help remove some of the pain.



Kaikaku vs. Kaizen
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Evaluate The Results Before Taking Action
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Die-Set Guiding Systems
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
OSHA's Sweeping Sanctions
You and the Law by Doug Ehlke



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