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MetalForming Magazine

April 2012 Issue

Volume 46, Number 4

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Cover Article

Piper Picked a Perfect Press
by Brad Kuvin
...on which it could offload sheet-hydroforming of smaller airframe parts, saving its large-bed fluid-cell presses for bigger parts. Aside from the cute tongue teaser, Piper's new small-footprint precisely controlled press is performing perfectly.



Rebuild or Retrofit That Aging Hydraulic Press?
by Tim Wilson
Slower cycle times and inconsistent part runs can be byproducts of older presses. To reduce cycle times and improve part quality, metalformers can upgrade their presses using servo-quality proportional valves and high-performance PLCs.
Aerospace Suppliers Take Heed of the Operational Impacts of AS9100 Rev. C
by Francis Louis Charbonneau and John Lundy
Its a busy year for aerospace and defense manufacturers as they deal with increased orders and accelerated schedules for new programs, while also working to meet a tight July 1, 2012 deadline for compliance with aerospace standard AS9100 Revision C.
New Nesting Software Nets Quick ROI
by Brad Kuvin
"Metals Ready for Business" is the motto of service center Tampa Bay Steel, where new nesting software helps the firm boost quote accuracy and slash programming time for its variety of thermal-cutting machines.
Mistakes Happen
by Dan Eastman
because your procedures are not in charge, your people are. Management must not mistake written procedures for compliance.
Bringing Waterjet Cutting Inhouse--a Lucrative Decision
A wind-turbine manufacturer makes waterjet cutting a core competency. Bringing the process inhouse has added 20 percent to the firms top line, allowing it to pay for its cutting machine in less than 2 yr.


Tooling Technology

In-Die Fastening Along a Tandem Press Line
...tells a value-added success story of increased throughput, reduced floor space and significant cost reduction.



These Days, It's Hip to Hang with Manufacturers
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Compressive FormingAsset or Liability?
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
History of the Progressive Die
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Gizmos and Gadgets for Feed MonitoringPatient Clear-Headedness Trumps Rushed Bumbling
Metalforming Electronics by George Keremedjiev
The Five Biggest Estate-Planning Mistakes that Enrich the IRS Instead of Your Family
Blackman on Taxes by Irv Blackman



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