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MetalForming Magazine

August 2010 Issue

Volume 44, Number 8

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Cover Article

Stamper Blossoms from Captive to Contract Supplier
by Brad Kuvin
Three new coil-fed press lines allow a captive metalforming shop that once only supplied its furniture-making parent company to cultivate high-volume just-in-time contract-stamping opportunities.



Better Press Brakes Yield Precision for Profit
by Brad Kuvin
New technology developed by press-brake manufacturers helps fabricators overcome these and other sheetmetal-fabrication challenges: grain-direction variability, inconsistent material thickness and mechanical properties, and increased part complexity.
Safe Rigging
by Theresa Cartier
Don't underestimate the dangers presented by the heavy loads lingering overhead in your shop, including massive dies and weighty steel coils. Be sure to properly size rigging equipment, and inspect often for early signs of wear and tear.


Tooling Technology

Meet the Next Generation of Tool Steels
by Patricia Miller
...developed to take on the demanding tasks of blanking, forming and trimming the latest-greatest HSLA and AHSS sheet steels.



Metalforming, Blog Style
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
B2B Websites in 10 Steps--Part 1
Business of Metalforming by Michael Bleau
Friction Effects of Galvanized Steels
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Punch-Tip Pressures
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Color Does Not Exist--Part 3
Metalforming Electronics by George Keremedjiev
Estate Planning for Special Guys
Blackman on Taxes by Irv Blackman



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