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MetalForming Magazine

April 2010 Issue

Volume 44, Number 4

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Cover Article

Making its Mark in the Medical-Device Market
by Brad Kuvin
Micro Medical has been supplying the medical-device market since 1986, and as it nears its 25th anniversary providing medical-device OEMs with stamped and molded parts and assemblies, its executives share some valuable insights on what it takes to serve this growing yet demanding industry.



Lights-Out Laser Cutting
by Brad Kuvin
Quality, cost, productivity and efficiency-- all improved after life-science-industry supplier Helmer Inc. introduced a new automated laser-cutting cell and six-axis press brake to its newly minted production facility.
Two Years,Two New Press Lines
by Brad Kuvin
Stamping and rolling tubular products in the die--a proprietary, complex process that combines progressive-die operations with transfer--allows this German-related U.S. stamper to save its customers as much as 25 percent in piece-part cost compared to using machined tubing.


Tooling Technology

Sensing Strategies for Part Ejection
by Drew Stevens
This article is excerpted from Drew Stevens' 2009 book, Die Protection for Lean Manufacturing, available from the Precision Metalforming Association; 216/901-8800; Stevens also writes a column on die protection for the monthly Tool & Die Authority e-newsletter. To subscribe, visit



Energy-Saving Green Schemes, Part 1
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Communication: Revisiting the United Pitch
Business of Metalforming by Michael Bleau
Troubleshooting--Data Versus Experience
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Combination Blanking and Drawing
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Sensing
Metalforming Electronics by George Keremedjiev
When Your Professional Says,
Blackman on Taxes by Irv Blackman
What's New at OSHA
You and the Law by Doug Ehlke



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