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MetalForming Magazine

February 2009 Issue

Volume 43, Number 2

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Cover Article

Lube-System Overhaul Dispenses Cost Savings on Every Front
A dramatic shift in stock-lubrication strategy for deep drawing and stamping at an MTD facility yielded improvements in press uptime and operator efficiency, and slashed lube consumption as well.



Worried about Lube Delivery? Just Roll With It
Roll coaters can apply wet or dry lubricant, in the right amount, to flat stock of any thickness and width, without overspray or other negatives typically associated with lubrication.
Interested in a Servo Transfer?
Then check out these pros and cons of two common types: through-the-window and front-and-back-mounted.
Sign of the Times--Automation Strategies Change with the Economy
Robotic-Welding Efficiency Improves with Offline Programming
New software lets this Wisconsin fabricator cut robot programming time and achieve a new level of welding accuracy.


Tooling Technology

Say So Long to Secondary Processes
Metalformers operating CNC turret punch presses can apply tooling innovations to bend flanges, form spot-weld locating features, debur and hem. Finished parts emerge in one material handling, pushing productivity to new heights and putting a choke-hold on rising costs.



Keep Your Head
Can Alloys Exhibit Superplastic Forming?
The Science of Forming
Deep Drawing Stainless Steel
Tooling by Design
Pushing the Limits with Metrolean
Metalforming Electronics
The Truth About How Income Tax Works
Blackman on Taxes
Be Careful What You Ask For



Tech Update

Metals/Coil Processing

Tooling Update



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