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MetalForming Magazine

September 2008 Issue

Volume 42, Number 9

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Cover Article

Muscle-Bound Coil Line Breathes New Life into Transfer Press
Heavy-metal stamper Stamco Industries rejuvenates a 3000-ton transfer-press line used to stamp thick HSLA steel by installing a new, robust coil line. Downtime is down, press speed and throughput are up, as is press capacity--by 15 percent.



4400-Ton Transfer Press Emits Heavy-Metal Vibes
Rockford Toolcraft proves bigger (and stronger) is better as it tools up a rebuilt and reengineered transfer press--built of two twin-ram 2200-ton presses--to process coil-fed steel to in. thick.
Gas-Tungsten-Arc Welding: What You Need to Know ensure optimum results, whether welding fabricated sheetmetal assemblies or performing tool and die repairs.
EuroBlech 2008
Quality, Flexibility, Productivity is the theme for the world's largest sheetmetal-technology show, slated for October in Hanover, Germany.
FABTECH, Welding Show and METALFORM All in One
These MetalForming advertisers will be exhibiting in Las Vegas. Go to to find more booth previews.
New Turret Press Keys Productivity Turnaround
Low-cost competition from China combined with outdated fabricating equipment and manufacturing techniques threatened this Seattle heater manufacturer. A new automated turret punch press allows use of advanced software and tooling to streamline the part-making process.


Tooling Technology

Why Choose In-Die Welding?
Given sufficient volumes and proper technology setup, in-die welding can save big over stamping then welding as a secondary process. Heres the proof.



We're Ready to be Your Source for Tool and Die Expertise
Interesting Details About Coefficient Of Friction
The Science of Forming
Tonnage and Energy
Tooling by Design
The Challenge of Part-Out Sensing
Metalforming Electronics
Buy-Sell Agreements Done Wrong Enrich the IRS; Done Right Enrich Your Family
Blackman on Taxes
Of Reimbursement Retaliation and Reasonable Accommodation
You and the Law
Sun Sets on Manufacturing Dominance, But Where Will It Rise?



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