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MetalForming Magazine

May 2008 Issue

Volume 42, Number 5

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Cover Article

Custom-Embossed Stainless Panels Shine Brightly in the Manhattan Skyline
Metalformer Todrin Laser Industries tackled a high-end architectural job requiring critical-tolerance embossing of exterior wall panels. Collaboration with its press builder and tooling supplier yielded results that could not be more magnificent.



Stamper Goes Hydraulic for Heavy-Duty Work
With part orders demanding ever-greater press tonnage, this Lone Star metalformer met success with a Texas-tough 1000-ton hydraulic press.
Smarter Motion Controls Promise Better Hydraulic-Press Performance
On new presses or as retrofits, advanced-technology motion controls offer improved positioning and force control, paving the for higher part quality and press productivity while cutting maintenance costs.
What Will Revised ANSI Standards Mean to You?
The revised voluntary ANSI B11.1-2008 standards for mechanical-power presses will be published in 2008. Heres whats new and what it will takeand costto comply.
Turret Press Opens Window of Opportunity for Appliance Supplier
A long-time supplier of porcelain-enameled and stamped appliance parts turns to sheetmetal fabricationand a new servo-electric turret punch pressto keep up with evolving demands for shorter part runs and frequent engineering changes.


Tooling Technology

In-Die Sensing Makes Good Sense
Implementing in-die sensing helps stampers protect precious press time and avoid unplanned downtime, particularly as suppliers develop smaller sensors with longer ranges, sensors to detect color, and wireless technology.



An Offer You Can't Refuse
More About the Laws of Nature
The Science of Forming
Cutting Clearance
Tooling by Design
The Ideal Die-Protection Program
Metalforming Electronics
Thank You, Court: A Business-Valuation Victory for the Good Guys
Blackman on Taxes
Labor-Law Potpourri
You and the Law
The Press That Keeps Pressing



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