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MetalForming Magazine

January 2008 Issue

Volume 42, Number 1

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Cover Article

Precision Sheet Processing Pays Big
...for United Performance Metals, a service center that, with its new cut-to-length line, can supply stainless-steel blanks more quickly and with tighter tolerances than ever before.



Special Report: Metalforming in the Southeast
For automotive, appliance and more, the Southeast United States has become a hot bed for metal-product production, and states like Alabama and Mississippi are leading the .
Productivity Up, Material Consumption Down--What Could be Better?
Rome Tool & Die stamps flatter parts, conserves material and enhances operator safety by installing a new coil-feeding system.
Inline Inspection Counts on Custom Conveying
Customer satisfaction goes through the roof for metalformer Tella Tool & Mfg. after the firm integrates automated inline visual inspection--with portable, custom conveying solutions--of challenging stampings.
You May Qualify for the R&D Tax Credit
Read on to find out how your company can estimate its potential cash benefit from an R&D credit, which can be some serious money, and go about getting it.


Tooling Technology

Cr-Si Springs Produce Productivity Bounce
With a surge in the use of multiple-out dies, and a 25-percent increase in the number of tools being run in their stamping plant, Oberg's die maintenance group looked for a spring solution to keep the tools in the presses longer between maintenance cycles. The answer came with an upgrade to chrome-silicon die springs.



A Toast to the New Year
Do You Use 1008/1010-Grade Steel?
The Science of Forming
Buying Metal-Stamping Dies--Part 1
Tooling by Design
The Wireless Pressroom
Metalforming Electronics
A Successful Business Owner's Dilemma: How to Invest Accumulated Cash Profits
Blackman on Taxes
Employee Actions and Inactions in the News
You and the Law
Manufacturing--Forever on the Move



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