Process Monitoring With Automated Ram-Height Adjustment

June 13, 2023


Booth D41041

Marposs-Brankamp-Monitoring-FABTECH-2023Marposs demonstrates its process-monitoring solution featuring capability for automated ram-height adjustment. The system automatically compensates for variation in sheet thickness, material hardness, tool and machine temperature, speed, and more during the manufacturing process. Via a minipress wired to the Marposs Brankamp monitoring system and a piece of paper that serves as the variation, booth visitors can see how the system automatically sends a signal to adjust the shut height of the press.

Marposs’ Brankamp monitoring systems for sheet metal processing (stamping, drawing, coining, piercing, blanking and bending) detect process disturbances such as rising slugs, feed failures, and punch or die breakage, providing 100-percent monitoring of each individual stroke, and protecting the machine and tooling from overloads. This helps to identify manufacturing faults immediately as well as part or tool variations, enabling manufacturers to optimize machine efficiency, improve part quality, and limit unplanned downtime and tooling costs.
Industry-Related Terms: Blanking, Coining, Die, Drawing, Piercing, Shut Height, Stroke, Thickness
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See also: Marposs Corp., Brankamp Process Automation, Inc.

Technologies: Pressroom Automation, Sensing/Electronics/IOT, Tooling


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