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OnLogic Joins New Inductive Automation Alliance Partner Program

October 10, 2023

OnLogic-Partner-Inductive-AutomationIndustrial computer manufacturer OnLogic has announced that it is among the first members of the newly launched Inductive Automation Alliance Partner Program. With the program, users of the automation platform Ignition by Inductive Automation will now have broader access to OnLogic's hardware line and be able to find the best fit hardware to pair with the right version of Ignition software for any application, according to company officials.

OnLogic’s hardware and Inductive Automation’s Ignition software provide a combination for a range of SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and automation projects. Users can work with the OnLogic team to select hardware solutions for their applications, and work with the Inductive Automation team to pair them with the correct versions of Ignition. Inductive Automation will provide OnLogic, and other members of the Alliance Program, with guidance on testing hardware to ensure that systems are Ignition-ready, helping users save time when deploying automation solutions. OnLogic was previously a part of the Ignition Onboard Program, which was sunsetted by Inductive Automation ahead of the Alliance Partner Program launch.

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