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New Advanced Features in Wintriss' SmartPac Pro Press-Automation Controller

November 6, 2023

Wintriss-SmartPac-Pro-ShopFloorConnect-FABTECH-2023As seen at FABTECH...Wintriss Controls Group detailed for MetalForming editors new, advanced features in its SmartPac Pro press-automation controller and its ShopFloorConnect OEE and data-collection software. Among them: an advanced programmable limit switch (PLS), the new ProCamPac Pro, for its flagship SmartPac Pro, which includes counter-driven outputs that operate only on specified strokes to precisely control gagging operations, new asymmetrical toggle outputs for controlling complex configurable tooling, and additional timed outputs for greater versatility.

A new Toggle Cam Output performs an asymmetrical toggle function, turning an output off or on for different stroke amounts. The output can be used to operate diverter gates and to control complex gagging operations. The new On/Off Counter Cam Output precisely controls functions that must operate at a preset interval instead of on every machine cycle. Operating similarly, a new Pulsed Counter Cam Output is programmed with an “on angle” and a dwell time instead of an on-off output.

Useful when running configurable tooling, a new Channel Always On Cam Output will simply turn on and stay on until a new tool is loaded. The ProCamPac Pro PLS also features a Triggered Cam Output that actuates a precision one-time cam timing signal based on a preset trigger such as an external input from ancillary equipment, an extended period of machine idle time or a job change. This output type is ideal for diverting parts during a warm-up period or for quality-control checks, or when bad parts are determined by an outside measuring system.

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