Option Allows Clamp to Sense Presence of Sheet Metal Panels

April 19, 2024

PHD-GRM-Teachable-Sensor-Stamping-sheet-detectionPHD, Inc. has released the GRM Clamp Size 2 Teachable Sensor option for panel-presence detection in automated sheet metal stamping. It can sense a wide range of material thicknesses, from 0.020 to 0.197 in. and is available on all 13 PHD clamp-jaw styles.

This teachable sensor provides an ideal choice for backup or redundant signaling detection, according to company officials, with the position of the internal target relating directly to the jaw position and thickness of the material being gripped. The sensor, of modular design, is field-repairable with a replaceable cord set if damaged. And, the Teachable Sensor option provides rapid setup: Simply insert the panel and press the button until the lights flash (see video). 

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