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MetalForming's ERP Update, May 3, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
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May 3, 2016
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Our Lead Story
  Different Paths to the Cloud—Your Options Defined      

Do you completely understand the differences between software as a service (SaaS) and the cloud? Do you know what your options are for moving on-premise ERP to the cloud, and how those options can impact performance?

For answers to these and other critical questions, at a time when nearly every manufacturer is developing some sort of cloud strategy, take a look at this article by industry expert and consultant Cindy Jutras. Published in the latest issue of Fabricating Product News, the article compares SaaS to cloud solutions, and defines various paths companies can take to move their ERP to the cloud. Jutras also discusses data storage, customization, subscription fees and other critical topics.

It’s a must-read.

Read All About It
ERP Conference and Software Showcase Slated for Chicago in October  

Plan now to attend MetalForming magazine’s next Manufacturing ERP Software Experience, October 13-14, in Schaumburg, IL. Hosted at the gleaming 133,000-sq.-ft. Amada Solution Center, set on a stunning 10.5-acre site, the event features several keynote presentations from ERP experts on a variety of topics, and one-on-one face-to-face meetings with software providers.

Among the keynote topics slated:

  • Leveraging Next-Generation Enterprise Technologies to Transform Your Manufacturing Organization
  • Change Management to Ease into a New ERP System
  • The Critical Requirements of Risk Management and Response Across an ERP Implementation
  • Digital Preparedness for Moving to the Cloud

Stay tuned for more information on this timely event from MetalForming magazine.

Are Your Business Processes Aligned to Your Goals and Strategy?

Business-process management (BPM) is precisely that—aligning processes to fit a company’s goals and strategy, as noted in a new blog from the consultants at Panorama Consulting Solutions. And make no mistake—BPM is much more than just one more abbreviation for some fuzzy management concept. It stands at the head of the class of numerous approaches companies can take to optimize their internal workings.

As noted in the blog, BPM can be broken down into three actionable concepts: business-process improvement (think Six Sigma); business process reengineering (when current practices are too far-gone, and radical change is needed); and business process optimization.

How does all of this relate to ERP? Read the blog for additional insight.

Upcoming ERP Events
Key Events & Seminars for ERP professionals. Stay ahead of the curve! > Cloud Expo - New York, NY — June 7-9
> BrainStorm San Francisco (BPM Institute) — June 27-30
> The Manufacturing ERP Experience Chicago, IL— October 13-14
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