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MetalForming's ERP Update, February 5, 2015

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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February 5, 2015
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Experts Discuss Enterprise-Software Trends Having the Greatest Impact
This post to provides eight predictions, from several IT experts, related to the use of enterprise software—CRM, ERP, etc. Among the predictions:

  • Most manufacturing companies will begin to adopt a “hybrid model” combining some level of cloud-based services with an inhouse computing platform.
  • The use of mobile-friendly CRM and other applications will blossom, via apps.
  • Manufacturers will continue to allow ERP software to integrate more deeply into their operations, into such areas as human resources, procurement and customer service.
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Making Life Easier with ERP Scheduling—De-stressing
the Most Stressful Job in the Enterprise Environment

Global Shop Solutions
Ask anyone in a manufacturing company who has the most difficult job and without hesitation they will tell you: the scheduler/planner. Foolproof scheduling is critical to the smooth operation of most companies. Yet, planning and scheduling the workflow is like trying to juggle 150 different balls all at once.
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Radiate Internal Communication via Cloud Computing
As CFOs work to communicate company financial-performance messages both internally and externally, a solid cloud-based ERP system can prove invaluable in supplying current, relevant data. Here’s a blog post loaded with advice on how to leverage ERP software to optimize the accessibility and sharing of financial data, to ensure you’re accurately portraying your company’s values and status.

Building a Steering Committee to Prevent ERP Derailment
First, companies embroiled in a new ERP-software implementation must differentiate between the roles and responsibilities of the steering committee and the implementation team. This blog post, which references insight from ERP consulting company Panorama Consulting, delves deeply into the makeup and responsibilities of the steering committee—who, what, when, etc.

“The steering committee has the most leverage,” we learn, “in making sure all the resources that are needed for the project are received.”

Upcoming ERP Events
Key Events & Seminars for ERP professionals. Stay ahead of the curve! > Webinar: ERP Transformations—Business Intelligence and Reporting Must-Haves - Tuesday, February 17, 1 pm CST
> Webinar: The Path to ERP Implementation Planning - Thursday, February 19, 12 pm EST
> The Manufacturing ERP Software Experience and Implementation Boot Camp—Conference and software demonstrations - April 14-16, 2015, Chicago, IL
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