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Machine-Safeguarding Seminars; Online Videos

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Rockford Systems, Inc., Rockford, IL, also has introduced a new monthly 2.5-day machine-safeguarding seminar on how to safeguard point-of-operation hazards on all types of metal-fabricating equipment. The seminar covers interpretations of current OSHA and ANSI standards and includes demonstrations of machines under power along with audio-visual presentations. Content is designed for plant managers, safety directors, supervisors, setup people, etc.—anyone responsible for machine safety. Attendees will receive two continuing-education credits.

Rockford Systems has updated its website to include short, informative video clips that demonstrate applications of machine-safeguarding products; a seminar page that offers descriptions of upcoming safety seminars, with online registration; and a catalog, with shop-online functionality, of the company’s products—safety shields, die-safety blocks, interlock switches, signs and labels, etc.

Rockford Systems: 800/922-7533;


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