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Pilz Digital Maintenance-Safeguarding System an Efficient Alternative to Mechanical Lockout-Tagout

March 16, 2023

Pilz-key-in-pocket-digital-safeguardingThe new maintenance safeguarding “key-in-pocket” system from Pilz, Canton, MI, promises to protect metal formers from unauthorized machine restarts, allowing maintenance work to be carried out safely. The digital maintenance-safeguarding solution is based on the Pilz PITreader RFID-based access-permission system and guarantees safety and industrial security, as only authorized personnel can access the plant or machine during the maintenance process. Digital maintenance safeguarding is specifically designed for machines with danger zones protected via safety fences, providing an efficient alternative to mechanical lockout-tagout systems, say Pilz officials.

With “Key-in-pocket,” Pilz has created a digital maintenance-safeguarding system which is flexible to meet safety and industrial-security demands. “Key-in-pocket” ensures that the machine does not restart while maintenance work is underway, and that unauthorized personnel do not gain access. 

Users are given an RFID key with their individual permissions, which can be read on the safety gate using PITreader. This way, one or more users authorized for maintenance work can authenticate themselves. At all times, the operator knows who has access for which tasks; temporary permissions also can be assigned.

After successful authentication, the system controller stores a personalized security ID, kept in a safe list. The machine can then be shut down, the safety gate opened and the machine accessed. During this time, the RFID keys remain with the respective users. Once maintenance is complete and people have left the danger zone, everyone signs out. The security IDs are removed from the safe list on the Pilz controller, and the machine can be restarted.


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Technologies: Safety, Sensing/Electronics/IOT


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