White Paper Offers Roadmap to Adopting Industry 4.0

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bosch Rexroth has unveiled a detailed guide to adopting Industry 4.0 that avoids a negative impact on current production. The report, A Practical Roadmap for the Implementation of Industry 4.0, argues that Industry 4.0 is an evolution, not a revolution, and includes practical suggestions for a three-step approach, supporting the steady implementation of connected manufacturing technologies, bolting sensors and hardware to existing production infrastructure.

Andrew Minturn, business development and strategic product manager for Bosch Rexroth, who helped author the report, says, “Industry 4.0 isn’t going to be a sudden change—it’s gradual, but it is happening now. The ultimate step will be the complete evolution of the supply chain, from the subcontractor to the end user. Everyone will need to get involved.”

The good news is that this doesn‘t mean large-scale capital investment through the wholesale replacement of legacy equipment, according to the report, which shows that even a 19th-century treadle lathe can be upgraded for use in the 21st century using Industry 4.0 technologies and techniques.

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