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Newly Designed Dust Collector

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Camfil dust collectorsThe new Gold Series X-Flo (GSX) industrial dust collector from Camfil APC is ideal for industrial applications that produce or process fine, fibrous and heavy dusts and fumes. Designed in modules, GSX collectors are simple to assemble. Each module handles airflows to 6000 cfm using four Gold ConeTM X-Flo filter cartridges.

Camfil designed the new filter cartridges with added pleated media and surface area, enabling them to move more air and process more dust without increasing the collector’s overall footprint.

The collector also features a newly engineered inlet and unique baffle configuration that creates a more uniform airflow, which extends filter life. When the filters are pulse cleaned, more dust is channeled directly into the hopper instead of into the adjacent filters.

GSX dust collectors exceed OSHA mandates for indoor air quality and are tested to meet NFPA and ATEX standards. They are available with explosion protection options including explosion vents, isolation valves, integrated safety-monitoring filters and fire-retardant filter cartridges.


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