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A Press-Brake Operator's Best Friend

Sunday, June 1, 2014

smart tool locator Wila USA, Hanover, MD, introduces the Smart Tool Locator, a tool designed to increase press-brake productivity. Integrated LED lights in the firm’s new standard hydraulic clamping system indicate, under the control of the press-brake CNC, where the press brake operator should position the tooling. The Smart Tool Locator also indicates to the operator where to make the next bend, following the bend sequence of the part being formed. The LED lights mount behind the ruler inside the cover strip of the clamping system. This protects them from damage and avoids interfering with the sheetmetal part being formed.

Wila offers the Smart Tool Locator as an option on its standard premium clamping system, and expects that later this year it will be available on other Wila tool holders as well as for retrofit.

Wila USA: 443/459-5511;


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