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Automated Barrier Door Keeps Workers Safe

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Frommelt Safety, Milwaukee, WI, introduces the Guardian Defender barrier door, designed to guard machinery, contain processes and protect employees from robotic/machine movement zones. The door boasts patent-pending upgrades to its noncontact safety-switch configuration, control systems and interlocking capabilities. It also features a new, more resilient curtain material that resists an array of application-driven hazards, and offers an optional variable-frequency drive to control curtain speed. Quick-disconnect cables allow for easy installation and integration.

The Guardian Defender finds use for robotic-welding cells, material handling, automated assembly, palletizing/packaging machinery and other applications. It also contains fumes, sparks, smoke, mist, flying debris, excess noise and other common manufacturing-process byproducts. Among its features:

• A holddown mechanism that locks the door in the down position to allow for machine deenergizing time.

• A redesigned rotary cam limit switch, encoder positioning and variable-frequency drive, to control the curtain’s operating speed and position and optimize adjustability of door position, speed and control.

• Noncontact interlock switches.

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