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Three-, Eight-Station Thick-Turret Tooling

Sunday, March 1, 2009
Mate Precision Tooling, Anoka, MN, has introduced Ultra three- and eight-station (pictured) Multi Tools for thick-turret punch presses, expanding press capacity by allowing either three or eight punch and die
Three-,Eight-Station thick-turret tooling
sets to be placed in a 31⁄2-in. D auto-index station. The tools are designed for use with its Ultra Tec punches, strippers and Slug Free dies.

Ultra Tec punches provide exceptional life between regrinds, Ultra Tec strippers have recess for an added 0.118 in. of punch grind life and Slug Free dies eliminate slug pulling and increase piece-part quality, according to company officials. And the Multi Tool Drop-In quick-tool-change design allows for changing tools in the upper assembly without hand tools or disassembly.

Other features of the tools include integral punch-length adjustment; 0.004-in. minimum die clearance for high punching accuracy and cleanly punched edges for materials as thin as 0.020 in.; protection against sheet marking; and replaceable Multi Tool face plate reduces ongoing maintenance costs. Also, the new tools are compatible with automatic tool-lubrication-delivery systems.

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