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MetalForming Magazine

March 2018 Issue

Volume 52, Number 3

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Cover Article

Die-Design and Simulation: A New Dawn
by Louis A. Kren
This month, MetalForming takes a look at recent advancements in software that allow for accurate as well as time- and cost-saving die design and simulation. In April, we'll present real-life cases where die designers, builders and metalformers put the software to productive use.



Press Controller: Simple to Add, Easy to Use
by Louis A. Kren
That's the view of Illinois metalformer Inland Tool Company after installing a new controller on a used 800-ton mechanical straightside.
Three Things You Need to Know to Prolong Punch Life
Understanding these basic reasons for premature wear will enable you to get the most from your tools.
Four Cures for Sheetmetal-Shearing Defects
Fabricators operating sheet and plate shears battle these common defects: torsion, straightness error (crooking), bowing and poor edge quality. Here we offer some cures.
RV Industry Supplier Ramps Up Production Using Fiber Laser, Brake and Bender
by Joe Jancsurak
Equipment enables Rock Run to bring production of a new product line back inhouse.
Workforce-Development Update: Pioneer Award Winners--Oberg Industries, Freeport, PA
by Louis A. Kren and Joe Jancsurak
In 2011, The Precision Metalforming Association Educational Foundation (PMAEF), through a grant from the Hitachi Foundation, recognized successful metalforming companies driven by production-employee skill enhancement and advancement opportunities. Those companies, and their workforce-development efforts, were profiled in the pages of MetalForming. See the original articles. Here we revisit some of the winners to see how their efforts have progressed. Suffice to say, it's full-speed ahead.
Workforce-Development Update: Pioneer Award Winners--Ajax Metal Forming Solutions, Fridley, MN
by Louis A. Kren and Joe Jancsurak
Workforce-Development Update: Pioneer Award Winners--Diemasters Manufacturing, Inc., Elk Grove Village, IL
by Louis A. Kren and Joe Jancsurak
Workforce-Development Update: Pioneer Award Winners--Pridgeon & Clay, Grand Rapids, MI
by Louis A. Kren and Joe Jancsurak
Is Your Die-Change Process All That?
by Joe Jancsurak
Or is it time for some revisions?



Getting the Most from Advanced GTAW Controls
Welding Well by Doug Smith
Low/No-Skill Jobs Going Away
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Know Your Sheetmetal Terminology--Part 2
The Science of Forming by Daniel J. Schaeffler, Ph.D.
High-Speed Stamping
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Understanding Inductive-Proximity Sensors for Die Protection
Metalforming Electronics by George Keremedjiev



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