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MetalForming Magazine

March 2013 Issue

Volume 47, Number 3

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Cover Article

One-Stop Die Shop Focused on Self-Improvement
by Brad Kuvin
While much of the crew at die and mold shop Trueline, Inc. focuses on meeting customer requirements for quality and delivery, the firm--also a contract stamper and injection molder--has assigned one key employee to continuously seek process-improvement opportunities, and results are impressive.



Operators Revel in Hydraulic-Press Controls Refresh
by Brad Kuvin
Noting that deep drawing in a hydraulic press is not a "set it and forget it" process, the crew at Toledo Metal Spinning celebrate the benefits of newly updated press controls--faster setups, improved reliability and safety, and the ability to make process adjustments on the fly.
The Quest for Q5: Optimizing Waterjet-Cut Quality
by Nancy Lauseng
Follow the 10 tips offered here, from a collection of industry experts, to reach the pinnacle of edge quality when performing abrasive waterjet cutting.
4-kW Laser Perks-Up Perforator's Productivity
Since McKey Perforating substituted a new high-power CO2 laser-cutting machine for its aging existing machine, the benefits have piled up. Improved productivity, edge quality and cycle times all are contributing to a streamlined return on investment.
Self-Directed Work Teams Improve On-time Delivery and Quality
Building on its nearly 20-yr. lean-manufacturing journey, a New England metalformer creates self-directed work teams to meet its ambitious objectives: 100-percent on-time delivery and 100-percent quality.
The Value of Comfort
by Andy Monk
Metalformers can boost value-added productivity by taking the time to select the right welding gun for the job. Doing so will help optimize welder comfort and maneuverability, and increase arc-on time.


Tooling Technology

White-Light Scanning Captures, Catalogs New Die and Part Surfaces
by Brad Kuvin
After several iterations of die tryout and tweaking, you finally massage its dimensions to achieve in-spec stamped parts. And, to improve part fitup in assembly, you make subtle design changes. Want to capture all of these engineering changes? You can--with white-light scanning, dubbed "game-changing technology."



While Staying True to Your Customers, Stay True to Yourself
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Sheetmetal Data Needs Validity and Quality
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Aluminum Lightweighting Challenges
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Know Your Costs: Don't Chase Low-Margin Work
Best Practices by Bob Dobrowsky
Failing Teams and Company Dysfunction: How HR Can Bridge the Gap
Human Capital by Debbie McGrath



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