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MetalForming Magazine

January 2009 Issue

Volume 43, Number 1

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Cover Article

Multi-Cylinder Press Enhances Heat-Exchanger Production
A new forming line employs hydraulic-press technology containing many small cylinders instead of one large one. The result: faster cycle time, increased output and precise forming.



Deep-Draw Automation Returns Remarkable Results
Robotic blank handling--from stack through lubrication and on to a hydraulic press--improves line speed by 25 percent. A double end-of-arm tool simultaneously removes a scrap ring and loads a new blank, with safety ensured as hands no longer enter the press.
Top 10 Reasons to Go Hydraulic
After careful assessment, you may find that hydraulic presses bring improved productivity at a reduced cost--ideal not only during difficult economic conditions, but for the ever-growing demands for smaller lots and varied applications.
Pulsed GTA Welding Nets Big Productivity Gains
Aftermarket exhaust-system manufacturer credits pulsed gas-tungsten-arc welding for its successful shift to inhouse production.
Sensory Overload at EuroBlech 2008
Record-setting attendance and exhibitor counts set an overwhelming stage at the technology-laden EuroBlech 2008 exhibition, October 21-25, 2008, in Hanover, Germany.


Tooling Technology

Gas-Spring Octet Connected Without Hoses or Fittings
A predrilled base plate allows connection of eight nitrogen-gas springs without using hoses or fittings. The setup, for predrawing automotive spring seats, also allows the stamper to adjust gas pressure during setup and production to optimize quality.



The Answer is Blowing in the Wind
Editorial For metalforming companies, the biggest opportunity for new business to help fuel wind-power expansion is the turbine nacelle.
Is Formability a Useful Term?
The Science of Forming
More Energy, Less Tonnage
Tooling by Design
Outstanding Error-Proofing at Pridgeon & Clay
Metalforming Electronics
Do You Want Your Business to Continue?
Blackman on Taxes
Let's Take a Break--Do We Have To?
You and the Law
Dreaming of a Better 2009



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