“The market for this type of multi-cylinder hydraulic-press technology is fairly diverse,” says Oliver Beisel, director of sales for Schuler Hydrap. “While well suited for complex applications such as that at GEA PHE Systems, it’s also ideal for deep drawing stainless steel in applications such as kitchen sinks.” For deep drawing stainless steel, the system works in combination with an active die cushion and a multi-cylinder plate, which functions as a hydraulic cushion underneath the blankholder. In contrast, in an embossing press the multi-cylinder plate only applies press force.

For stainless deep-drawing applications, the system acts as support in controlling material flow during the draw. The cylinders in the multi-cylinder plate can be grouped together into different circuits, enabling the operator to precisely control material during forming. Areas can be fully clamped where no material flow is desired because of the risk of fracture, while in other areas the blankholding force can be reduced to control material flow and avoid defects such as wrinkling.

How the Heat Exchangers Work

Schuler heat exchangers

GEA PHE Systems forms these heat-exchanger plates on its new multi-cylinder hydraulic press.

Brazed-plate heat exchangers manufactured by GEA PHE Systems consist of formed stainless-steel plates, brazed together in a vacuum furnace. The company’s gasketed-plate heat exchangers consist of formed plates in several materials, including stainless-steel types 304 and 316 as well as titanium and other rare alloys. The plates feature NBR, EPDM, Viton and Hypalon gaskets and are assembled in a frame in carbon (painted or cladded) or stainless steel. When stacked, the plates form two separate flow passages, allowing a liquid or gas to flow between every other plate. The result: high-performance heat-transfer surfaces in a compact, cost-effective design. 

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