Big Savings from Related Lube Project

In addition to automating the press, the new lubrication system delivered with the project spurred significant costs savings as well. The switch to an airless spray setup applying pure lubricant provides tighter control over the amount of lube deposited onto each blank, top and bottom, and eliminates some of the blotches of lubricant the line used to experience using a pressure-roll application system. “We consume about 25 percent less lubricant now,” adds Weston.

The firm also recently switched lubes, going with a petroleum-free formulation, from Irmco, Evanston, IL. The lube washes off more easily than did the previous oil-based lube, using the same alkaline cleaner but at only a two percent concentration, compared to six percent previously. 

8220;Not only do we need less cleaning solution to remove the lubricant from the blanks,” says Weston, “but we also run the cleaning system at a lower temperature—130 F compared to 160 F before. The Irmco lubricant costs less than the previous lubricant we were using, we consume less, get better coverage on the blanks, and spend less money washing it off after stamping.”

Also, weld rejects caused by residual lube on the parts have been eliminated since the Irmco lube not only is easier to wash off of the blanks, but also is “welding friendly,” according to Irmco officials, and won’t cause weld porosity.

So, what started as a safety project, installed in May 2008, has developed into a significant cost-saver for Amtrol. “We’re definitely on schedule, or ahead of schedule, to satisfy our projected 3-yr. return on investment,” Weston says. “The line is performing better than we ever expected.”

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