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MetalForming Magazine

February 2008 Issue

Volume 42, Number 2

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Cover Article

Advanced High-Strength Steels--New Types on the Block
The world's steel companies have worked with customers to create new alloys with mechanical properties and performance characteristics that just a decade or two ago would have seemed improbable, if not downright impossible to achieve. Here's a roundup of some of those alloys.



Pressroom Puzzle Pieces Fit Together
...for this contract stamper, bringing lube delivery and containment improvements as well as scrap/part-conveyance upgrades that maximize productivity, press uptime and, of course, return on investment.
Looking to Transfer?
If you're mulling over transfer automation to boost stamping productivity, know your options as described here.
Going Lean? You Need to Motivate the Shop Floor
Employees must be highly involved in assuming new skills and responsibilities, and be rewarded for doing so.
For Global Networking, ICOSPA 2008 Ranks No. 1
Learn what's happening around the world and network with peers from foreign metalforming companies by attending the ICOSPA (International Council of Sheet Metal Presswork Associations) 2008 Congress in September.


Tooling Technology

Die Forensics--Find the Root Cause of Piercing and Blanking Failures
What causes galling, wear and premature punch failure? How can stampers control slugs and avoid rejected parts and damaged die components? What are the best procedures to follow during punch grinding? Find the answers to these questions and more right here.



Steelmaking, and Steels, Getting Better and Better all the Time
Out with Boxes--In with a Continuum
The Science of Forming
Buying Metal Stamping Dies--Part 2
Tooling by Design
PML: Process Monitoring & Lean
Metalforming Electronics
You Don't Have to Lose a Dime of Your Wealth to the IRS
Blackman on Taxes
Employment Laws Newest Offspring: Immigration Law
You and the Law
The Father of Scientific Management...for Good and Bad



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