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MetalForming Magazine

October 2008 Issue

Volume 42, Number 10

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Cover Article

In-Die Fastening Pays Off at PWO Canada
This stamper employs in-die technology to attach fasteners to an automotive bracket at high speeds, heading off assembly concerns and improving productivity and part quality.



Safety Manager: A Day in the Life
Workplace safety isn't just a slogan or a poster. It's a day-in, day-out commitment. Safety managers are on the front line in promoting a safe metalforming operation, and heres how one safety manager gets the job done.
Improved Hydraulics Manage Spring Force, Slash Cycle Time
New hydraulic-press technology allows Sensormatic to achieve near-perfect quality and slash cycle time by more than 50 percent on lines used to blank styrene-coated metallic security labels, 144 per press stroke.
Proper Maintenance and Care for your Hydraulic Presses
Adhering to a routine preventive-maintenance schedule is the most important aspect of consistent, trouble-free hydraulic-press operation. Adequate planning coupled with a commonsense, proactive approach will optimize press life and productivity.
From Promise Maker to President
It's election time, where candidates vie for the honor of running the country. Like sailors on leave, they're looking to spend, spend, spend someone else's money, namely ours. So where do they want our dollars to go?
China Mission #4 Complete: Mission Accomplished
Last May, metalforming executives participated in the fourth in a series of PMA China Study Missions, to benchmark against Chinese metalforming operations and develop strategies for forging partnerships.



Green Manufacturing--What's the Bottom Line?
A Different Look at Rules of Friction
The Science of Forming
Cutting and Punching Sequence
Tooling by Design
The Challenge of Part-Out Sensing, Part 2
Metalforming Electronics
Leveraged Gifts, Tax Break for the Family
Blackman on Taxes
Promises, Promises
You and the Law
Plan for Disaster



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