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Wear Plate Offers Long Service Life

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Duroxite 300 overlay plate has been developed by Hardox Wearparts, a division of SSAB, and is designed to provide long service life in wet and dry sliding-wear environments. Compared to traditional tungsten carbide overlay, Duroxite 300 economically delivers high resistance to abrasive wear, according to company officials. The overlay materials contains a high volume of an ultra-fine complex borocarbide phase. Grain size is refined to 500 nm, reportedly making the borocarbides approximately 200 times finer than traditional chromium carbides. Reported results include outstanding wear performance and increased impact resistance.

The high wear resistance of the borocarbides allows for a reduced overlay thickness and lighter weight as compared to traditional overlays, and Duroxite 300 maintains a consistent wear resistance from the surface down to 75 percent of the overlay.

Hardox Wearparts:


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