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Monitor all Serial Robot Types in a Safety Application

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Monitor all Serial robot types in a safety application B&R Industrial Auomation GroupBy extending the safety function safely limited speed at tool centerpoint (SLS at TCP), B&R Industrial Automation Group, Roswell, GA, has made it possible to monitor the full spectrum of serial robot types in a safety application. This is a significant advancement of the function first introduced in 2011, which already has allowed safe monitoring of all joints on a six-axis articulated-arm robot.

To take advantage of this extended functionality, B&R offers a parameter block for generic serial robots that makes it possible to configure any type of kinematic chain. This removes any restrictions on specific types of robots and allows users to define and configure their own customized kinematic systems with as many as 11 separate joints. It also is possible to include as many as 20 joint couplings with coupling factors, allowing users to incorporate mechanical couplings between individual axes.

Data transfers via the fieldbus-independent openSafety protocol, giving users the freedom to choose the control system that best fits their needs. The safety functions themselves are executed directly on the drives.

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