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Stamping EV Battery Parts for the Automotive Industry

July 31, 2020

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Tesla-Steering-Wheel-EVThe EV market’s sales and production volume are increasingeven post-COVID-19. It’s time to learn best practices for stamping EV battery parts so that your company has an edge over the competition!

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The Problem:

As we are pushing through the current economic crisis of COVID-19, metal formers, like all of us, will want to save their spending power on the most cost-efficient and sustainable equipment. However, capital equipment suppliers should be providing metal formers with educational references that will help them to succeed and, therefore, drive the economy in the direction it needs to flourish. It is not news that the EV market is an evolving industry. But, did you know just how important this market will be, from now and for the next 10+ years? Or, how your purchasing decisions can make or break your success when preparing to produce EV parts?

The Solution:

EV batteryOn July 30, 2020, SIMPAC America’s General Manager/VP of Sales & Operations, Stephan Robertson, shared these key takeaways:

  • Informative EV market insights
  • Specific battery parts to be metal formed
  • Suitable and best-fitting metal forming equipment for the EV market
  • Press requirements and production tips
  • Key OEM players: product forecasts and battery suppliers utilized
  • Global and national infrastructure changes
  • Ways metal formers can become profitable post-COVID-19 

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Stamping EV Battery Parts for the Automotive Industry 

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