Quintus Technologies Delivers High-Pressure Fluid-Cell Press to Piper Aircraft

June 1, 2020

Quintus-flexform-PiperPiper Aircraft Inc. has installed a high-pressure Flexform press from Quintus Technologies at its manufacturing facility in Vero Beach, FL. “Piper is the only aircraft manufacturer that offers a complete lineup of training aircraft,” says Piper COO James Funk, “and with a global pilot shortage we have seen a resulting increase in demand for our training products. With this in mind, it is paramount that we have modern, reliable and cost-efficient equipment to help us meet the increase in our production.” “With its capacity and ease of use, the new Quintus press is helping us manage our growth while controlling costs and improving quality.”

The Quintus QFC 0.7x1.8-800 fluid-cell press applies flexible forming technology to the production of sheet metal parts across the entire Piper line of eight aircraft models. Its versatility supports thousands of part numbers, many with complex geometries or free-form surfaces. The high forming pressure800 bar (11,600 psi)—ensures close-tolerance parts direct from the press, with little or no secondary hand work required. With a work area of 27.6 by 73 in., the press introduces several production efficiencies by eliminating forming operations, intermediate heat treatments, and manual pre- and post-forming operations.

The Flexform process employs a combination of a single rigid tool half, which operates in conjunction with a flexible rubber diaphragm under uniform high hydrostatic pressure, to form sheet metal parts. This design approach helps minimize tooling costs and quickens tool production, especially for intricately shaped components.

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