Sensor Delivers Flexible, Smart Condition Monitoring

June 15, 2020

Balluff-condition-monitoring-sensorBalluff’s new condition-monitoring sensor can measure vibration, temperature, relative humidity and ambient pressure, collecting and processing the readings and then outputting digital statistical data to a host system via IO-Link. In addition, the sensor can detect and communicate its condition, continuously reporting its temperature, number of operating hours and start cycles. By automating cost-intensive manual inspections, it minimizes unscheduled stops and faults in the production process.

Balluff offers the sensor is in two versions, both in an extremely small stainless-steel form factor. The first measures contact temperature and vibration in all three axes of motion and has IP67 and IP69K ratings, making it especially useful for harsh environments. The other version adds the additional environmental variables of relative humidity and ambient pressure and delivers an IP67 rating.

The sensor’s standardized IO-Link protocol allows users to easily parameterize the sensors and match the processing in the sensors to their specific application. The process data structure permits users to configure five measured or preprocessed data types to be cyclically transmitted. It is also possible to perform an acyclical request for additional statistical processing variables. 

Key features:

  • Multiple measurements in one device: vibration, temperature, relative humidity, ambient pressure.
  • Integrated processing circuitry with configurable data preprocessing.
  • Configurable events and status indicators.
  • Fast connection and simple to incorporate using IO-Link.
  • Extremely compact form factor for restricted spaces.
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