Success Highlights Company Culture

November 1, 2017

Trio Metal Stamping’s safety record is remarkable. This short-run metal-stamping company hasn’t had a lost-time accident in 11 years. Reasons for this run include teamwork and a commitment to maintaining a clean and well-organized facility.

Creating such a company culture doesn’t happen overnight. In Trio’s case, it began with the implementation of an incentivized safety program. First, a safety committee representing all areas of the facility established safety rules, then those rules and how they would be enforced were explained during employee meetings. “We want our employees to go home each night with all their fingers, eyes and toes,” says Damian Richard, owner and president.

While that should be incentive enough for being accident-free, Trio sweetens the pot by letting employees without safety violations be eligible for year-end cash-prize drawings. An employee earns as many as four chances, with one chance earned for each violation-free quarter. The quarters are tracked, reported and posted on the bulletin board, allowing employees to follow their progress throughout the year.

“By our fifth year with no lost-time accidents, there was excitement in the air and the momentum could not be stopped,” says Richard, who explains that what helps distinguish the Trio program is how it has contributed to the companywide culture.

“We always help one another here,” says Richard. “If, for example, a container is too heavy for an employee to lift, all he or she has to do is ask anyone for help, and that includes managers. When we lift as a team, we prevent back injuries. Or, if there is a spill, employees, no matter their position, are quick to clean it up because they know that doing so prevents slips and falls. Safety is in all the job descriptions here.”

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