Simple Install, Access with Lift-Out Machine-Guarding System

March 23, 2020

Safety-WireCrafters-Lift-Out-Machine-GuardThe RapidGuard lift-out machine-guarding system from WireCrafters can guard welding machines, stretch wrappers or any other automated equipment that also must be easily accessible. RapidGuard panels lift out from upright posts, allowing full access to the guarded equipment. This feature allows maintenance personnel or workers simple access during downtime or service calls, while still providing required safety and security while the machine is operating. Unlike light curtains or switch mats that are subject to electrical malfunction, this system remains on guard, and is ideal for machines that need 360-deg. maintenance access.

Panels are made of 10-gauge welded wire and patterned in a 1.25 by 2.5-in. rectangular mesh. Drop-in mounting brackets are welded to the guarding panel and slip into 2 by 2-in., 14-gauge-tube posts. Each lift-out panel is designed for a tool-removable bolt to be fastened on the inside of the panel system. With this bolt in place, no one can lift out the guarding panel while the machine or robot operates. A safety switch or interlock can be supplied with a RapidGuard door, and once the interlock is disengaged, the machine or robot will shut down immediately to enable access. WireCrafters offers a full line of hinge and sliding doors for the system, allowing simple integration into a facility layout.

RapidGuard reportedly installs twice as quickly as a conventional physical barrier and complies with OSHA and ANSI/RIA safety standards for machine perimeter and safety guarding.

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