Overhead Fans: Employees Love 'em, Birds Don't

May 1, 2012

Metal service center Coilplus Ohio (Springfield) recently sought a solution to uncomfortable heat and unwelcome birds during the summer, as well as a to avoid product loss from rust due to shifting spring and fall temperatures, and cold spots during winter. Its goal, according to slitter supervisor Toby Schofield: “To make the guys on the production line more comfortable. And because we’re a steel service center, it’s best to have some air movement during humid days or you get a lot of rust.”

Schofield tried using pedestal fans, but found the small, noisy units created a hazard on the shop floor. Ultimately, the solution was installation of five 24-ft.-dia. Powerfoil X fans from Big Ass Fan Co., Lexington, KY. The key to the effectiveness of Powerfoil X (and other large-diameter low-speed fans) is the volume of air generated by the fans’ 10 hollow-core airfoils with winglets, which generates a perceived cooling effect of as much as 10 deg.

“The fans generate a nice, constant flow of air,” says Schofield, “which the employees seem to really appreciate. Also, beginning each spring, we used to have a lot of birds in the building, and tried all kinds of device to get rid of them. With the fans, we no longer have that issue.” Schofield also reports that rust has been completely eliminated since the fans were installed.

The benefits of Big Ass Fans aren’t limited to the spring, summer and fall months. During colder weather, the fans help destratify the company’s warehouse. Stratification occurs due to a significant temperature difference (10 to 30 deg.) from floor to ceiling. The use of large-diameter low-speed ceiling fans solves the problem by moving large volumes of air without creating a draft.

At Coilplus, the fans work hand-in-hand with the warehouse’s radiant heaters to keep warm air at the employees’ level.

“Our radiant heaters are 25 ft. in the air,” says Schofield, “so you know it’s not really reaching the guys on the floor. The fans push the heat down.”

Big Ass Fans: 877/244-3267; www.bigassfans.com
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