Modular Guard Rail a Robust Visual Barrier

February 1, 2011

As manufacturers look to implement lean-manufacturing workcell-based processes, they often need to separate
Modular Guard Rail
workspaces to prevent cross-product mixing and ensure efficient, automated operations. Applications like these call for Steel King’s Armor Guard industrial safety railing, fabricated from corrugated 11-gauge high-strength steel. The safety railing is modular and comes in
1- to 10-ft. lengths in 1-ft. increments. Universal posts have connection holes on three sides instead of the industry-typical one or two sides, which quickens installation and customization. Fold-over edges along the guard rail eliminate dangerous sharp surfaces.

Use the railing to separate areas like work stations and walks from lift-truck traffic in warehouses, shipping areas and production floors.

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See also: Steel King Industries, Inc.

Technologies: Safety


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