Light-Communication Systems for Loading Docks

November 1, 2017

To mitigate the multidimensional dangers facing workers at loading docks, Rite-Hite introduces two additions to its Rite-Vu Light communication system: Pedestrian-Vu for the dock’s interior and Approach-Vu for its exterior.

Pedestrian-Vu uses motion-sensing technology to trigger a bright blue light that projects onto the dock leveler when it detects material-handling equipment or a pedestrian inside of the trailer. Pedestrian-Vu also works in conjunction with Dok-Lok products to alert any dock worker that enters an unsecured trailer. The blue light flickers as an audible alarm alerts unsuspecting dock workers that they have entered an unsecured trailer, while the external light system simultaneously changes to red, warning truck drivers that there is activity inside the trailer.

Outside the dock opening, from a fixed location above the dock door, the Approach-Vu sensor detects the motion of a tractor-trailer backing into a dock position. A visual and audible alarm located on the Dok-Lok vehicle restraint alerts dock workers and pedestrians of the impending danger. This multisensory alert system is important because ambient noise often masks the sound of a cab’s engine.

The complete four-part Rite-Vu system also includes Corner-Vu, which provides Dok-Lok status to the forklift operator before entering the trailer using light communication, and Leveler-Vu, which provides immediate Dok-Lok status to the forklift operator while inside the trailer.



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Technologies: Safety


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