Consulting Service for Hand Protection

October 1, 2007

Ansell Healthcare, Red Bank, NJ, has launched its Guardian consulting service for industrial production sites. This assessment methodology, focused on selecting the most appropriate work gloves, assists companies in increasing worker safety. It helps companies to standardize references, decrease purchasing costs, reduce product cost-of-use and even increase worker productivity through gloves better matched to the task.

Injury frequency rates at a key European automotive OEM supplier dropped from 64 to 5 only months after implementing Guardian assessment recommendations, according to company officials. Another multinational benefited from a 27.4-percent cost reduction when inventory was reduced due to standardization of references and longer-lasting gloves were selected. These and other conclusive results emerged from a pilot phase of 250 assessments carried out in 50 large European companies active in automotive, OEM, chemical and metal-fabrication sectors.

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