Automated Barrier Door

October 1, 2017

Rite-Hite Machine Guarding

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Rite-Hite Machine Guarding will show its Defender automated barrier door for guarding machinery, containing processes and protecting employees. It includes upgrades to its noncontact safety-switch configuration, control systems and interlocking capabilities, and also features a more resilient curtain material. New quick-disconnect cables allow for easier installation and integration than comparable barrier doors. The company also will show upgrades made to its Vertiguard automated barrier panel, a bottom-up pneumatic panel that provides physical separation between machine operators and manufacturing processes. The most noticeable difference in the new Vertiguard is its standard size, which has been increased from 72 in. wide and 86 in. tall to 110 in. wide and 96 in. tall. Other upgrades:

  • Improved finger guard
  • Improved sliding panel design
  • More options, including eliminating the toe gap to allow for lower stored panel heights
  • Improved interlock switch brackets and additional switch options
  • Galvanized steel back panel and cylinder cover
  • Availability of 3D modeling for insertion into project drawings
  • Improved pneumatic hose and fitting quality
  • Photo-eye strip option to prevent door movement when obstructions are sensed.


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Technologies: Safety


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