Portable Hardness Tester

October 2, 2019

King Tester
Booth D47151

King Tester shows its Brinell portable hardness tester, versatile enough to test virtually any metal shape. The user places the metal specimen between the anvil and the test head, cranks the test head down onto the specimen—locking the tester in place, closes the pressure release valve, and pulls the hydraulic lever until reaching the desired load. The tester applies up to a 3000-kgf load on a 10-mm ball, making a lasting impression, available for re-reading at any time. A bypass valve, automatically activated at the calibrated load, eliminates the chance of overloading. The impression is read and recorded by the operator using either a KingScope or KingScan IV automatic Brinell microscope. With the ability to mix and match bases and heads, microscopes and accessories, the Brinell tester is completely customizable.


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Technologies: Quality Control


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