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International standards are written to address requirements of the product manufacturers and suppliers, which includes requirements for “information for use.” This information is intended to be instructions and guidance for the safe use of the machinery, but it is not written in “normative” form to the user of the equipment. We typically claim that U.S. and Canadian standards also are written to the “user,” and believe that is the case with the current R15.06 and Z434.

Moreover, we believe that assigning responsibilities to stakeholders at all levels of involvement with an industrial robot system—the robot manufacturer and supplier, safety-component supplier, integrator, installer and the user—ensures that the end user will receive the support needed to provide for a safe and productive industrial-robot workcell.

The two associations’ technical committees are working to ensure that the new standard contains the appropriate requirements, assigning responsibilities to the user to actually follow the instructions provided by the robot-system manufacturer and supplier, in order to develop good work practices and training programs for the operators. The committees also are busy updating and including the annexes from the current R15.06 and Z434 standards.

A publication date for the new standard has not yet been decided, but the draft document was introduced at the RIA annual safety conference and can be obtained from the association. When this document is confirmed as National Standards of the United States and Canada, we can look forward to a future of continued and enhanced safety for personnel working with industrial robots. MF
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