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Bombardier Aerospace Approves Fuchs Metalworking Coolant

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Bombardier Aerospace has approved EcoCool Syn 2175, a metalworking coolant from Fuchs Lubricants Co. The approval, BAMS 569-001, authorizes use of the coolant for operations including, but not limited to, boring, turning, milling, grinding, non-assembly drilling, reaming and countersinking.
EcoCool Syn 2175 is a fully synthetic water-miscible aerospace emulsion coolant designed for use in moderate to heavy-duty machining operations on aerospace aluminums, nickel superalloy and titanium components used in modern aircraft. The coolant is formulated for long service life, good foam control and corrosion resistance on aluminum, copper, brass and steel, according to Fuchs officials.   

Two Servo-Press Lines from Schuler to Mercedes-Benz

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Press-system supplier Schuler has received an order for two 91,000-kN servo-driven press lines and two servo-driven tryout presses from Mercedes-Benz. The lines and presses, to be commissioned by the end of 2018, are destined for the automaker’s sites in Bremen and Sindelfingen, Germany. The lines will produce vehicle body parts from steel and aluminum while the tryout presses will be tasked with optimizing and maintaining the lines‘ dies
The latest-generation six-station Schuler press lines feature automatic quality inspection systems and automatic racking systems. In each of these lines, after the final forming station two robots equipped with special sensors monitor specific spots on trunk covers, engine hoods and door panels for any faults. If all quality requirements are fulfilled subsequent to surface inspection, the last working step is performed without a break in production, then eight end-of-line robots stack the parts.
“This ensures the reproducibility of high-quality parts, even at maximum stroke rates,“ explains Klaus Linnig, managing director of Schuler‘s Automotive division. “Not only does the ServoDirect technology enable a high output rate, it also offers the required flexibility to form steel and aluminum reliably.”

New Hydroforming Press Headed to Electro-Methods

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Quintus Technologies has delivered a 4000-ton, 11,600-psi deep-draw hydroforming press to Electro-Methods, Inc. (EMI), a South Windsor, CT-based supplier of turbine-engine components.
“We have a long history in the aerospace fabrication business, and with this new investment we are able offer additional capabilities to our customers, primarily General Electric and Honeywell,” says Randy Fries, EMI president. “We are used to tough fabrication demands from our customers and are now well-positioned to support the expected ramp-up requirement in the aerospace industry.”
The Quintus press requires only a single rigid tool half, significantly reducing tool costs, according to company officials. The other half of the tool is a flexible rubber diaphragm under uniform hydrostatic pressure. Material draw ratios to 3:1 eliminate several forming operations, intermediate heattreatments and operator dependencies. And, high forming pressure ensures delivery of close-tolerance parts direct from the press, with little or no secondary hand work required.
The press will support demand for fabrication of lightweight, tough metal alloys required by jet-engine designers. For more about Quintus Technologies, visit


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