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New Executive Director for Auto/Steel Partnership

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP), a 30-year collaboration of auto companies and steelmakers, announced that John K. Catterall, an automotive-engineering veteran in body-structure, chassis and closure applications, has been named executive director. Prior to joining the A/SP, Catterall held the position of global innovation manager for body systems at General Motors Co.

“With the resurgence in the automotive industry, I look forward to growing the A/SP and elevating its importance,” says Catterall. “I’ve spent nearly four decades running advanced development projects with General Motors Co. and other organizations. My knowledge and experience will help us to be more efficient, and work more collaboratively with our members to grow the A/SP in the years to come.”

Says Steve Gallagher, body structures technical specialist at Ford Motor Co. and chairman of A/SP’s Joint Policy Council: “John has been an active member in the A/SP for many years and his working knowledge of the organization, as well as his deep understanding of the automotive industry made him the right candidate for the position. He has held leadership roles in several major automotive technology projects throughout his career and we look forward to John leading more advanced product and manufacturing technology projects as the partnership advances.”

The A/SP works to develop lightweight steel solutions to meet the current and future needs of automakers. For more, visit

Metalforming Industry Movers & Shakers

Monday, March 13, 2017

Messer Cutting Systems, Menomonee Falls, WI, a provider of gantry-style thermal-cutting machines for the metalworking industry, has hired Todd Wellens as its Central regional manager.

For more, visit

TigerStop Opens New Office in Mexico

Thursday, March 2, 2017

TigerStop, Vancouver, WA, citing growth in sales and the potential for expanding into foreign markets, has opened an office in Mexico City and has hired Gregorio Aspeitia as national sales manager for Mexico.

“Building a dealer and support network in Mexico makes sense and will become a hub for expanding into South America,” says Jack Ragan, TigerStop vice president of sales and service.

The company provides automation equipment used in material cut-off, drilling, boring, ripping, positioning and pushing. For more, visit


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