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Guarding System from Sick Wins Innovation Award

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The LaserGuardian Intrusion Detection System and The HawkEye Effect software from Sick, Minneapolis, MN, has been named a 2016 winner of the Benchmark magazine Innovation Award. The award highlights advances in security technology by recognizing innovative thinking and the delivery of benefits through advanced security solutions, according to the magazine.

The LaserGuardian system combines laser-scanning technology with security cameras and software to prevent unauthorized entry to a facility or structure and minimize false alarms. Via GPS mapping technology, the system and software provide the ability to know the exact location of an intrusion and pinpoint it on an overview of the facility or interior blueprint. This allows building operations to quickly ascertain the location of the intrusion for a faster response time. The system’s image-stitching technology combines cameras and laser scanners to track the threat in real time, enhancing visual verification. The LaserGuardian system also incorporates technology to eliminate false alarms due to environmental conditions.

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TMA to Offer Die-Design Classes in 2017

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) will be offering a die-design class in Illinois starting in January 2017, to be taught by Accurate Die Design Software (Brookfield, WI) president and founder Ray Proeber. TMA had a successful die-design class for decades that graduated hundreds of students, according to Proeber, but due to declining enrollment it had been discontinued in 2005.

“Since the class, more than 10 years ago, had been taught using 2D CAD software along with a 2D die-design software package, it was much harder and took much longer to teach the students than it will be using 3D CAD software,” says Proeber. “Everything is very visual with 3D, of course, and with today’s die-design software, the students can animate dies on the computer screen as if those dies were running in the punch press.”

Software used in the class will include SolidWorks 3D CAD software along with Logopress3 die-design software. For more information, contact Ray Proeber at 262/938-9316 or the TMA Education Department at 847/825-1120.

New 72-in. Stretcher-Leveler at Alliance Steel

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Alliance Steel, Bedford Park, IL, is wrapping up install of a Red Bud high-efficiency stretcher-leveler that boasts 90,000-lb. coil capacity and can handle material widths to 72 in. and thicknesses to 0.4 in. This line features Red Bud’s SureGrip technology and is capable of a 40-ft. stretch in a cycle time of less than 8 sec. The stretcher-leveler is complemented by two inline Bradbury E-Drive corrective levelers to ensure flatness and nearly stress-free results, according to Alliance Steel officials.

The equipment addition, to go online by the end of November 2016, adds to Alliance Steel’s existing flat-roll capabilities, including slitting, leveling, multi-blanking and cold reduction. For more from Alliance Steel, visit


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